O dia pela noite
[Day for Night]

In 2010, I curated a show for a nightclub in Lisbon.   

With works by Gabriel Abrantes (w/ Daniel Schmidt), Vasco Araújo, Pedro Barateiro, Alexandre Farto, Pedro Gomes, Rodrigo Oliveira, Francisco Queirós, Francisco Vidal (w/ Rita GT), Mafalda Santos and João Pedro Vale   



© Susana Pomba

Francisco Vidal’s flags in the terrace of the nightclub  © Susana Pomba

Pedro Barateiro’s sculpture in the terrace of the nightclub  © Susana Pomba

A photo from the shooting of Gabriel Abrantes’s film © Susana Pomba

Mafalda Santos’s columns © Susana Pomba 

The making of Alexandre Farto’s wall piece © Susana Pomba

Vasco Araújo’s installation on the dance floor, just before the concerts on opening night © Susana Pomba 

João Pedro Vale’s entrance wall © Susana Pomba